Top 10 Liquor Brands of the World

Liquor Industry is quite bigger than it looks as it is admired by large number of people either men or women all around the globe, when it comes to choose the favorite liquor brand then choices may be different as per individual taste and choice but the basic qualities are same. There are some big names in the industry who have maintained their name consistently in the desire list of the consumers because these brands are well aware about the expectations of the consumers regarding the taste that should be good and the quality that should be rich by all means. These brands have done exactly the same and that is why they have become the choice of the consumers which give them enormous joy and an unforgettable smooth experience. Here is some detail regarding the top class liquor brands of the world which have contained their place since a long time in the market.

Luzhou Laojiao

1.Luzhou Laojiao (Company- Luzhou Laojiao), China– It is a quite famous Chinese liquor brand and it also contains a history behind its creation though the modern company is producing it since 1950. Luzhou Laojiao is also quite famous as it makes a very neat and powerful Chinese spirit which is also known as “Baijiu” in 1573 which was the time of “Ming Dynasty”. This famous Chinese liquor brand is not only famous in China only but it also has tons of admirers all across the globe which has brought this brand in the top 10 list of the liquor brands of the world.

Chivas Regal

2. Chivas Regal (Company- Pernod Ricard), France– This one of the premium class scotch all over the world. This famous brand scotch came in to existence in the year 1801 in Scotland as it was founded by the Chivas brothers. In present time it is owned by Pernod Ricard but there is no any change in the class and quality of this all-time favourite scotch and one can say without any doubt that it is possibly the number one scotch at most of the places in the world. Chivas Regal is the favourite of the people because they love its rich taste and smooth experience which they want to have every single time.


3. Smirnoff (Company- Diageo), Great Britain– Smirnoff is one of the most demanded liquor brands. Founder of Smirnoff Pyotr Smirnov had a really sharp business mind and he applied it to the right direction for the well of his company as he showed the world the filtration of charcoal in the year 1870. He also had the superb advertisement skills for raising the sale of his products as he was privileged to become the first ever vodka maker in Russia who positively utilized the newspaper ads, this innovative idea at that time helped him a lot to raise the sales of his products and it became the favourite.


4. Jinro (Company- Hite Jinro), South Korea– Jinro was established in the year 1924 and gradually it grabbed the market with its unmatched smooth taste that is loved by people everywhere and currently more than 50% of beverage sales in South Korea accounts for the Jinro which is just phenomenal. There is one more point to consider that Jinro is the biggest maker of “Soju” which is the prestigious national drink of Korea and it is made from rice, wheat and barley, it is clear and colourless spirit which comes out as a final product.

Crown Royal

5. Crown Royal (Company- Diageo), Great Britain– A top notch Canadian whisky brand that has just mesmerized with its sheer class and taste. This whisky holds a story behind its creation and world should be thankful to that particular historical happening that is responsible for this great creation. This whisky was very first made by Seagram in the year 1939 in the honour of King George VI’s visit to Canada and since then this whisky holds an imperial place and this Canadian brand became the signature of royal class and excellence and its packing also is just next to the best for sure.

Johnnie Walker

6. Johnnie Walker (Company- Diageo), Great Britain– This is one of the most valuable liquor brands of the world. Johnnie Walker is the most widely distributed scotch in the world which tells the success story itself, though it may not be the best scotch in the world but still it is admired by the people everywhere, because every individual has a different taste and choice. Diageo is the proud owner of this liquor brand and not only Johnnie Walker but the other brands of Diageo have just astonished the world with their premium taste and smooth experience.


7. Hennessy (Company-LVMH), France– It is a luxury beverage for sure as it is the prime choice of the rich and royal class people who prefer this brand without any second thought in mind. So one can say this liquor brand has become the signature of rich and classy people at social gatherings or some other parties. Hennessy is a French brand which has recognized its presence in the industry in a quite positive and impressive manner and when any brand is admired by the rich and classy people of society then its importance and popularity gets multiplied.


8.Ricard (Company- PernodRicard), France– It is a well-known and quite popular brand in France with refreshing and energising anise flavour, and credit of its creation solely goes to Paul Ricard who introduced this fantabulous liquor brand in the year 1932 and it is still quite popular as it offers the great taste with a refreshing aroma.


9. Absolut (Company- PernodRicard), France– Some historical pages are attached with its creation. In the year 1879 Lars Olsson established the Swedish vodka company and he also invented a remarkable distillation process to purify the spirit to the extreme extent possible at that time. In the year 1979 Absolut got introduce to the International market and since then its flag of success is continuously moving high in the air and it has become the third largest liquor brand in the world.


10. Baileys (Company- Diageo), Great Britain– Baileys is always in the wish list of the liquor lovers. It was invented in the year 1974 by Gilbeys of Ireland and since then it is continuously become the prime choice of the people all over the world.

There are some other liquor brands as well that are quite famous. Tequila is another liquor brand which is quite famous.

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