Most Beautiful & Sexy Female Celebrities in the world

Beauty is the essence of nature. Nature has created the whole bunch of beauty on this earth. If one talks about the humans’ then nature has also poured its art and creativity in the creation of human body. Since ancient times world has witnessed so many gorgeous beauty all around. In today’s modern time one can also witness the humongous beauty around. There are so much well created ladies in the world but some are beyond the descripted beauties as one knows. Here is the list of the world most beautiful girl 2014 where one can see that along with the beauties these girls have written a story of success with their determination and performance. This attitude of living life makes them different from the others. They are not just beautiful but they are well aware of their social responsibilities as well. They always show one a path to follow to make well of the society and the humanity. Beauty with brain this line suits to all of these girls without a doubt. They are not mere beauties but a beauty that inspires one to do well. Their activities are a lesson to inspire the human being to live well and overcome the odds in the life. These beauties are the symbol of nature’s prosperity that has come on earth to please the humanity.

Monica Bellucci

10.Monica Bellucci– Beautiful Italian actress, Monica Bellucci became famous with American audiences for playing the role of Persephone in The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions.   An Italian sex symbol and a favorite among top fashion photographers.Monica is very pretty. Her complexion, her figure, her height are just perfect which makes her a house of grace and beauty. She has performed equally well and she gave complete justice to it for sure. In this list she has secured her place on the basis of her beauty and her mind boggling performance.

Naomi Watts

9.Naomi Watts-Naomi watts, a beauty with intelligence. She has got so sharp features and so good golden hair. She was also chosen for a bio pic in 2013 in which she had to play a role of Princess Diana, which is a living example of her beauty and acting talent. Naomi has got place in the list of the world’s most beautiful girl 2014. Her complete appearance is a hub of beauty. She has got her fans all around the globe.

Angelina Jolie

8.Angelina Jolie– Angelina Jolie is a name which does not need any introduction as it has been already so popular among the people. Not only Hollywood but the whole world has got privileged to have such a precious star. Angela is so beautiful especially when one sees her eyes; they are so deep and nice. Angelina has got a very good height as well that gives a new high to her beauty and sensuality. Angelina is a very good actor especially in action movies she has showed her acting class. She is a real fighter in real life as well as the whole world saw how he fought against Cancer and won the fight for life. One can say that she has a beauty with courage and brain. Angelina is one of the biggest social activist also as she does various charities for the well of the society and of humanity.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

7.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan– Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the greatest examples of Indian Beauty. She has got so lovely face with a nice smile. She had also won the title of Miss World which proved the class of her beauty. Along with the superb looks she also has a fine hand in acting as well. She showed her acting skills in the movie Devdas which was a blockbuster. She has also given some strong performances in the Hollywood movies as well. Pink Panther, Mistress of Spices are some of the Hollywood movies of her.

Kate Middleton

6.Kate Middleton– Kate Middleton is a famous name in the Hollywood Industry. Kate has made a mark with her impressive performance in the films. She is a walking beauty for sure. She has got the beauty with elegance that makes her different from the others. Her fans always wait so eagerly for her movies to have the privilege to see her beauty.

Rosie Huntington whitely

5.Rosie Huntington-whitely– Rosie has become in the list of the world’s most beautiful girls. She has got tremendously shaped body. An additional advantage to her beauty is her cute smile and ear friendly voice. She is so soft spoken and she has shown her determined performance in so many of her blockbuster movies. She completely deserves to be in this prestigious list without any second thought.

Alicia Keys

4.Alicia Keys– Alicia has an adorable beauty. A musician lady who has attractive appearance as well. Alicia is also well known for her sweet voice. She is a very good actor also. Her talent and her beauty both deserve to be appreciated so loudly. Alicia has locked her seat in the list of world’s most beautiful girls.

Anne Hathaway

3.Anne Hathaway– Anne Hathaway has made her presence count in the top 10 list of the world’s most beautiful girl 2014. One can never forget her role as a Catwoman in the movie dark night rises. In this movie she showed the world that she is not only the owner of an unmatched beauty but she also has equally solid acting talent. In her teenage she was as popular as she done a role of princess in that age. She has n numbers of fans all around the world.

Amanda Seyfried

2.Amanda Seyfried– Amanda Seyfried is a highest paid Hollywood actress; this is just a page to her book of excellence. She is so beautiful and got long brown hair that looks awesome. Amanda has justified her beauty with her tremendous acting talent that has brought her in the top rated list of the Hollywood actors.

Amy Adam

1.Amy Adam– Amy Adam is one of the highest paid Hollywood actresses. She is a tomb of scintillating beauty. She has performed so well in the roles assigned to her especially her role as Lois Lane in the movie Man of Steel. In this movie she performed out of the skins, in simply words one can say that she gave a new high to her acting and stardom with such a great performance.

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