LED or LCD TV which is the best choice to choose?

There so many decisions that really tests the mind to choose the best, like when two fantabulous things are in front of the eyes and one has to pick only one out of them then it is a hard nut to crack for sure. Similarly when one goes out to have a new TV then one gets trapped in a mind boggling question of which one to choose out of the fleet of some consubstantial models loaded with top class features, at this point one gets a bit confused of his or her own decision initially. That is why here are some points that would definitely enhance the knowledge of the buyer and would also assist in making the right choice. Here one would get information about the features, mode of operation and which TV would fit to the pocket. So now on when one would go out to purchase either LED or LCD one would surely be updated regarding it and which one would suit the best.

So let’s start with the LED


Full form of LED:-

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. There are usually two models of LED, first one is Edge-lit model and the second one is Back-lit model. Generally while purchasing people don’t often keep these things in mind but one should have knowledge about it so here it is.

How it works– LED television are empowered with the standard LCD technology but with a change and i.e. the backlight lamps place has been taken over by larger number of small LEDs, such change is the courtesy and is responsible for the leaner size of the LEDs which is quite a revolutionary change in terms of size of the TVs

Working of Edge-lit models– The secret of the slim size of the Edge-lit models is that they have led lamps just around the edge of the screen that makes it super slim. Newest Edge-lit models have sought out all such technical issues as the early Edge-lit models had problems like inconsistent lighting of screen, scattered and patchy colours. In recent times there has been a remarkable change in the Edge-lit technology. So now one can say that these models are ready to astonish the buyers with its prime class candour performance.

Back-lit models– If technically speaking then one can say that Back-lit models have LED lamps spread across the entire rearof the screen, performing well is the prime agenda of this models and it is performing exceedingly well without any doubt. The Back-lit models are a bit thicker than the Edge-lit models and they and are designed to deliver the best possible performance to the viewer.

Now let’s have a look at the LCDs


Full Form of LCD– LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, though these days LCDs have been overshadowed by the LEDs even then these are available in smaller size in the market to enthral the buyers with their scintillating performance and durability but today is the time of micro technology so every product is getting slimmer and smarter and such thing is a bit adverse for the LCDs

LCD TV Side View

How it works– It is a very interesting point to know that how the LCD works, one can find that the LCD comes in to existence when the light from behind the screen is shown through a womb of tiny coloured liquid crystal cells. Signals control each cell, letting varying amounts of colour through to build up a picture.

Power Consumption– This is the point which should be at utmost priority because it is quite essential for the buyer to that what amount of electricity the LED or LCD would consume. So if one would like to compare the electricity consumption efficiency then one would find that LED would be most efficient regarding the electricity consumption efficiency.One can have a look at the average amount of electricity used per year by LED, LCD and Plasma

LED– 64 watt per year

LCD– 107 watt per year

Plasma– 195 watt per year

From the above mentioned consumption the buyer can easily analyse and pic the best one as per requirement.

Drawback– Almost everything contains some points in it that contain the possibility of betterment. Similarly there is a feature that can be made better for sure and i.e. sound. The sound quality of these TVs is not that much ear soothing but such lack can be filled with the help of surround sound speakers or home theatre system that may multiply the level of entertainment which one expects from them.

LED TV Side View

New Inventions– In today’s era now TV has not become an Idiot Box now, it has turned in to a new getup which is leaner, smarter and larger. Though LCD, LED have created a fantabulous success all around but now the level of technology in making TVs has gone far beyond the ordinary.

Now Plasma and OLED are grabbing the market gradually, though Plasma consume more electricity than others even then it is getting noticed by the buyers and they are happily purchasing it because sometimes purchasing expensive things become the status symbol.

Recently LG has introduced the Curved OLED TV which is just

Curved OLED TV

phenomenal; it has shown that technology is knocking at the door of next generation innovations. Some of the major names in this industry are Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic etc. One can choose as per the individual requirement or as the pocket allow.

Verdict– At last one can say that LCD and LED both have their own plus points and some negative as well, But if one is in a confusion on which one to choose i.e. LCD or LED then one should go for the LED because it would save the electricity which is quite important not only for reduction in the amount of electricity bill but it would be very beneficial for the sake of society and our planet because if one is contributing in saving the electricity then one is indirectly helping in saving the extra consumption of sources that assist in producing the electricity, though purchasing the LCD is also good but one should always grab the better option.

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